Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've been listening to Ballads For The Age Of Science all day.
Can't tell if I'm getting smarter or going nuts though.

Oh, and Bethany got me a real bat for my birthday! (Taxidermized, unlike these little darlings, but they're much easier to care for this way.) He's happy hanging out in a glass shadow box right now, alongside Ninja Ice Bat, our raven puppet, a pair of mother of pearl opera glasses, broken WWII-era aeronautical instruments, porcelain molds and all the other weird crap which finds its way into the house. I'm thinking about building a proper Cabinet of Curiosities one of these days. The latest addition to the family (let's call him Sparky) is from Necromance in LA, which totally rules for all your natural history fetishes.

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