Thursday, January 04, 2007

WK+12 "Ad School" - Applicant Deadline

What at first to me looked like a call for entries for an innocuous DIY art book, is actually meant to encourage new applicants to apply for Wieden+Kennedy's own internal "Ad School" program. Now accepting applications for it's 4th year, you will work for 13 months on projects for high profile clients that "do good things", in W+K's Portland OR headquarters - all as part of the "training program". A quick watch of the video above and all is clear.

But hurry, the submission deadline is Jan 12th, and just to make you sweat in your designer shoes, only 12 people are selected each year! You better have some nice shoes though: a little more research and I dicovered that should you be accepted, your annual tuition fee will be $13K.

In yet another fascinating twist in the fiercly postmodern adworld, I'm dubious.

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