Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Man, am I bad at keeping secrets when I'm excited. Fans of low-fi indie electro-pop in Detroit should pencil April 14th on their calendars. More soon.

Speaking of spilling the beans, iPhone, WTF?!!

Pending FCC approval whatever... I'm not even a big gadget junkie, but I want it! Few things with this much buzz saturation ever live up to expectations when they are finally announced. This little rascal packs every Apple nerds wettest dreams into a shiny 4.8 ounce bar of joy. Not an iPod with a phone, but a fully functioning OSX based personal computer in your pocket. Save from running PhotoShop, iPhone does 90% of what most people use computers for - with OSX (did I mention that?) and multi-touch technology everyone thought was a good two years off for real world application.

Dang. It's officially the future.

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