Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DethLab and Machines That Feel II featured in this week's Metro Times

Michael Doyle and Bethany Shorb look a bit tired, understandable given that they've just returned from a New York weekend hopping from ballets in Brooklyn to museums in Manhattan followed by parties, afterparties and after-afterparties in each borough. They saw daylight only briefly, they say, as they walked at murky sunrise across the Williamsburg Bridge.

But the pair - who call their Detroit-based performance project Dethlab - should not be mistaken for mere rave- or rock-culture vampires. They say they'd rather be known as bloodthirsty carnivores - and prove as much by each ordering titanic identical half-pound burgers topped with bacon and blue cheese. They look resplendent, if pale, dressed in layers of bruise-colored clothing, biting into juicy meat and ketchup-soaked fries, as they sit against the dark sapphire upholstery in the lounge of Royal Oak's Redcoat Tavern...

[words by Walter Wasacz]

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