Friday, April 06, 2007

It's Friday Night Videos!

Tonight's focus is on the uber-super-duper German indie-electronic label Tomlab.

(Yes, one of Tomlab's best selling artists is Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, who we are bringing to the CAID next Saturday for their first Detroit performance. Don't think of it as blatant self-promotion. Think of it as Burnlab trying to provide broader exposure for artists whom we greatly respect and believe deserve it.)

Without further ado...

Montreal might eat its young, but Montreal can't bring us down.
Pure magic. There should be more music videos set in dinner theaters.

Same song as above, live in Saskatoon.
For those unfamiliar, Final Fantasy a.k.a. Owen Palette is like a much geekier Matthew Herbert: every sound is created by violin, then processed, distorted and sequenced on the fly to create dense, loopy compositions. Last year he won the Polaris Prize - Canada's equivalent to the Nobel for music. He said he'd use the $20,000 prize to "pay off my boyfriend's student loans, and give the rest to bands I like."

I really shouln't need to tell you about (nor can explain) Khan.

Les Georges Leningrad at Zoo Bizarre.
Yeah... French Canadians put all of us weirdos to shame.

Eat it!

Don't trust CGI skeletons.
Xiu Xiu.

CFTPA just last week in Claremont, CA.
Dang. I can't wait until next weekend.

CFTPA in London lat year.
Owen Ashworth fucks up his own vocal cue here... but he's still the most gifted songwriter our generation.

Baby, it's you.
Dada films and battery powered keyboards... this was the one that got me hooked.

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