Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Liz Copeland is featured in this week's Metro Times Cribs (pictured above with hubby Clark Warner at the WDET studios.) Photos and words by Doug Coombe.

You can listen to archives of Liz's last few shows on WDET here for just a couple more days. The final show (3/31/07) is spectacular. Do yourself a favor and listen to it - again, for many of you. (And thanks Liz for opening with Tones On Tail!)

It's taken me a while to comment here about the cancellation of Alternate Take. I wanted to talk to Liz in person first, and frankly, it's been difficult to come to terms with the loss this means for the city, and myself and all regular listeners personally. With the firing of fellow purveyors of local and international cutting edge music Jon Moshier, Mick Collins, Chuck Horn, Ralph Valdez, etc., WDET managed to go from arguably the best public radio station in the entire country to almost strictly generic syndicated programming in an incredibly short amount of time.

The nights won't be the same, to say the very least. As Coombe put it, "[Liz's] heady nocturnal mix of sweet sounds, from classic techno to Curtis Mayfield to Nick Cave to Alice Coltrane, provided a perfect soundtrack for insomnia, all-nighters and hookups." One thing I'm certain of is that Liz will move on to much bigger and better things. I think Rob sums it up for all of us here at the Lab.

Although we didn't hang out in high school, Liz and I have been friends since the early '90s (hey, Royal Oak is a small town! I'm not going to mention the glory days of City Club or National Coney Island or Off the Record... oh shit, I just did.) Anyway, as Rob said more or less in his blog post, the Liz Copeland you know on the radio is the same Liz in person: kind, personable, and so intelligent and so schooled in music that you don't feel lesser, but are inspired to push yourself to dig deeper, enhance and expand your own musical repertoire. These are characteristics of great radio personalities and great persons and great friends.

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