Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flavorpill Extreme Makeover

This is apparently a week for culture aggregator re-designs. Our good friends, and one of the biggest dogs in the business, Flavorpill have just launched an all new site.

Well, dear readers, pumping up the same enterprising spirit that first brought our weekly updates to inboxes over seven years ago, we've just successfully relaunched Flavorpill. You'll notice a bunch of changes and improvements, both delivered to your inbox and online. We'd become a bit cramped in the old email format, so we revamped and pushed a bunch of our content to our new site, now at flavorpill.com. (Yeah, we bought a ticket to ride on the dot-com bandwagon - but it'll take us far, wait and see). We’re still the same hardcore culture filter, bringing you only the most exciting events in film, music, DJs, art, theatre, and more. But with all this wide-open web space, we've cast our sights even further, now culturizing your calendars up to a month in advance.

This news comes from one of the masterminds behind this new version: culture savvy code ninja Miguel Senquiz, who created the superb LISTD before getting snatched up by Flavorpill just over one year ago.

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