Friday, November 16, 2007


One of the most important parts of the new design is rebuilding our network directory. Since a major focus of this site is where creative disciplines cross, it's exceptionally difficult to break things down into categories, so for now it's simply musick and design, art and culture (which is everything else.) Even with only two categories, there are a few I'm not quite sure where to place.

I know for a fact that I missed some of our good friends with this first round of links. If there are any websites you think are missing, please let me know by e-mail and we'll sort it right out. The network directory will be updated constantly.

Remember that the directory is Burnlab friends and family only. Everyone on the right has at least some loose connection to this site. There are thousands of other cool websites out there, but linking to them all would diminish the specialness of the network.

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