Thursday, November 15, 2007

Live From Red Hook

Our favorite New York City blog Curbed has been all Red Hook all the time since that New York Magazine article on the degentrification of the next hot neighborhood/sleepiest corner of King's County (depending on if you read about it/actually live there) at the start of the week. Two whole pages and counting of nothing but Red Hook coverage!

On top of that, my entry here from Monday was quoted with David Byrne's thoughts on the Hook.
For real.

Burnlab Red Hook: roof
Burnlab Red Hook: library & studio
Related: It just so happens that I uploaded some photos of the old Red Hook Lab this morning. I've been going through my back-up hard drive the past couple days and archiving old work on Flickr. If you care to peruse - a smattering of design work here, including an unfinished portfolio site, the early UNTITLED flyers and just about every Dorkwave flyer. Still have several gigs worth of old design work and photos to sift through. Man, I love Flickr.

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