Saturday, November 17, 2007


WHY at Work:Detroit Gallery
November 17, 2007 through January 26, 2008

WHY goes beyond a traditional art exhibition to explore the Artist's diverse inspirations. Each artist's recorded and transcribed response to the question "why" will be presented as a compliment to their work. I watched a sampling of videos last night and they were pretty fascinating.

Featured exhibitors include: Shiva Ahmadi, Lynne Avadenka, David Barr, Adnan Charara, Jim Cogswell, Larry Cressman, Topher Crowder, DMC, Denise Fanning, Beverly Fishman, Phoebe Gloeckner, Adrian Hatfield, Sadashi Inuzuka, Charles McGee, Anne Mondro, Janie Paul, Ted Ramsay, Kathy Rashid, Stephen Schudlich, Sintex, Gilda Snowden, Nick Tobier, Ed West, and Elizabeth Youngblood.

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