Monday, December 03, 2007

BMG: Evil Genius

Video clip of Brendan M. Gillen at the past Saturday's 12 13+ hour No Way Back party.

We might have a proper review here once we get all our brain cells lined up again.
Until then, here are a few comments from around teh interwebs:
"[Interdimensional Transmissions] payed great attention to every aspect of the party. I was thoroughly impressed with the production. Great job, guys. And the artists all killed it."
"Easily the best party I have been to in a long, LONG time."
"I have not had that much fun in eons. Loved every minute. THANK YOU!"
"best party of the year. all I can say is.... WOW!"
"One of the best parties I have attended since, I don't know when! "
"holy f*cking christ."

There's more, but you get the point.
I will say that at one point the music was so evil, Bethany and I literally had to back out of the room for fear of our souls being eaten by snakes.

[And thanks to Decay for the clip!]

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