Monday, December 10, 2007

Just for Allen

Lowfish is always up for a challenge, so he's submitted additional Best of 2007 selections that were actually released in 2007...

drunk face
Dr0nken electro royalty at Oslo.

OK. Three more that really are from 2007.


1) Psyche "Unveiling The Secret" (Rude 66 Remix) (Tractor Records)
I don't know when Ruud did this but Italy's DJ Gio mc-505 released this on some promo thing very recently and it's been playing non-stop since I got it. I very much wish he carried the vocoder action thru the whole track but maybe that's what keeps me hitting the rewind. (Psyche had a new cd out in Oct too.)

2) Claro Intelecto "Warehouse Sessions Volume 4" (Modern Love)
Brooding, dark and very fat 4/4 business.

3) Various "200" (Planet Mu).
P_mu is all over the place but Mr. Paradinas hits gold for me every now and again. This release includes the wicked Neil Landstrumm track "Bleep Biopsy"...

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