Saturday, December 08, 2007

Site Updates Update: Conspirators and Listmania

First order of business:
As part of the Burnlab 4.0 overhaul, I'm cleaning up the Conspirators section. A lot of our editors have updated their accounts to Blogger 2.0, but many still have not. If you haven't, please log in to Blogger and update your account so that you can post here. if you've misplaced your log-in info, just send an e-mail to mike[at] and I'll cheffy out a fresh new invite lickity-split. (I'm talking to Jon O, Liz Copeland, Dave Pinter and a handful of others.)

Second order of business:
It's that time of year - when we make lists and check them twice! The last time we did a truly comprehensive recap of the year in art, design, music and culture was way back in 2003. As a group blog of self-proclaimed tastemakers (or something,) it would be great if we could have that level of detail with our year-end recap of 2007. All Burnlab editors are encouraged to post their Best of lists for any and all categories, in any format they see fit, from now through January. As moderator, I ask only that you standardize the title - such as "Chris' Best of 2007" or "Andy's Best of 2007", and that you hyperlink to sources wherever possible.

Third order of business:
We are always looking for new Lab Report editors. Approval can be a convoluted, whimsical, demeaning or magical process - depending on our mood - but most of the time it's easy as the click of a button. (Nobody has had to waer the donkey costume since Doc came on board.) We would love to hear from you if you think you'd like to be a Lab Report contributor. Send us a note and tell us why you're the awesomest!

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