Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Last night's debate made me like both of those wankers even less. Can we just vote now? Because this next month will simply be attrition of caring. Fascism doesn't sound so bad compared to this dog and pony show to reach the lowest common denominator.

"Stay tuned folks, it's American Idol... With Nukes! (And a third of your income.)"

I truly hoped it would be different this year, but deep down, both these guys suck.

For once, I don't want to vote for the candidate that "sucks less." (I'm still glad Hillary isn't in the running. It's a small but appreciated consolation to not have to see that self-entitled boomer smugness - not to mention that cackle - on TV every day.) I'm still rooting for Obama, but he failed to represent my principles at almost every turn last night. He came close, then flaked out again and again. I thought I was watching a dumbfounded, babbling John Kerry debating a hybrid of Sarah Palin and an advanced alstheimers Reagan trapped in an angry munchkin's body.

I know he's not running, but I'm voting for Jello Biafra.

Here's Biafra going off about Bob Lutz's main competition for biggest living douchebag in America, Joe Lieberman, back in 2000.

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Douglas said...

Yep, it's going to end up a vote for the lesser of two evils. :/