Wednesday, May 04, 2005

As part of season two of Les Infants Terribles, we are officially reinstating punk rock points.

You know what I'm talking about, right? Everyone in high school kept track of these. For example:
Skinny Puppy logo painted on your leather: 3 points
Dead Kennedys logo: 5 points
Bill Leeb haircut: 3 points
mohawk: points awarded according to inches
[male] wearing a kilt with chombat boots to school: 9 points
Throbbing Gristle logo tattooed on your neck: 50 points
breaking things: 5 - 20 points
messing with cops and getting away with it: 8 - 12 points
actually being able to say you hung out at Neo Tokyo: 4 points
knowing John Tenney, period: 2 points
busting two beer bottles together and chasing off an unwanted guest: 20 points
not finding the humor in poop: minus 2 points
posting pictures of yourself in drag on Burnlab and getting reprimanded by me for using the word "twat": 8 points
reprimanding a Burnlab editor for using said word: minus 8 points
ditching a fancy party and almost getting kicked out of a Korean restaurant: 4 points
really bad English accents: negligible...

guilty of at least half of the above, while effortlessly maintaing a 3.5 or better GPA: no points awarded, but chances are you're on my MySpace friends list and/or a Burnlab editor.

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