Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Infinite Volume takes form.

"Infinite Volume is Brian Jackson's latest musical incarnation. After having grown up in metro Detroit, spending most of a decade in San Francisco, and then relocating to New York City in 2002, Brian's influences run the gamut of electronic styles. Known for his genre-blurring tendencies, Brian is always moving his musical styles forward. Whether meshing synth-heavy New Wave, Krautrock, and avant-pop experimentalism as co-founder of I Am Spoonbender (1997-2000), or blending Electro, IDM, synth pop, and psychoacoustics as Memory Systems (2001-2003), Brian explores the edges of known genres without ever sounding like any one in particular, but yet presents a cohesive sound."

Click to stream the Infinite Volume Takes Form EP: "...primarily dance-floor driven Detroit-meets-Chicago-meets-Cologne-meets Sheffield style Techno and Acid, filled out with 2 tracks of dark electro and of synth heavy down-tempo respectively."

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