Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Mad Tea Party

The players:
Alice, as played by Dethany
The Mad Hatter, as played by Doyle
The Cheshire Cat, as played by Doc
The Queen of Hearts, as played by Sneak
and Nick Raftis III, as played by Nick Raftis III

4:00am: Fuel up at base camp with asiago, reggiano and scallion frittata and framboise lambic (we do nothing half-assed.)

4:45am: Pile into Doc's van and scout for an inconspicuous parking location. A wild hare runs in front of the van and enters the building. For real! Serendipity continues...

5:00am: Enter Fisher Body 21 plant... in costume.

5:30am: Eight flights of stairs later and a precarious crossing over a severely water damaged floor, ascend water tower to view the sun rise over downtown Detroit.

6:00am: Tea time. Fine vintage china, embroidered table cloth, and English tea. (Again, we do nothing half-assed.)

6:30am: Urban exploring time. The only thing that compares to the industrial majesty of the Fisher plant is the amount of asbestos and lead paint we probably inhaled... whatever. No beauty without danger.

7:00am: Exit Fisher 21 and return to base camp, much satisfied grins all around from a successful adventure.

295 photos now online. [Many, many thanks to Sneak.]

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