Thursday, May 19, 2005

barcelonians: tomorrow, friday the 20th is the second edition of the night i´m promoting with martina hauser(promoter of tuesdays in ZENTRAUS), BORN 4 PORN (a pun on the fact that the party is in an area of barcelona called "el born" and that the night deals with "the history of sex". clever). last month was "kamasutra", next month "marquis de sade", and this month "ancient rome", with cut-up projections from the movie "caligula", the music of DJ REBECCA WEST, and me dressed as ceasar and martina as cleopatra. the night promises to deliver at best a seriously fun night and at worst serious personal embarrassment.

borne 4 porn: caligula
av. marques de l´argentera 27
08003 barcelona

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