Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Celebrated author Douglas Coupland flies halfway around the world to meet Morrissey and records a number of impressions after 105 minutes spent with the enigmatic singer.

... He's 46 and makes no attempt to 'young himself up'. Admirable.

... He doesn't mind being recognised in public but doesn't like the notion that he has to look 'good' or a certain way.

... His head (this is really weird, and I hope it doesn't go outside the boundaries of taste) is enormous. It's like a huge Charlie Brown parade float head. I walked into the bar to meet him and I saw this guy across the room with this massive head and I thought to myself, 'Man, that's one massive head', and it was Morrissey.

This and many more insightful observations in Coupland's exclusive interview for the Guardian UK.

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