Thursday, March 16, 2006

You've probably read this several times on this very site, but a little last minute reminder for our dearest in New York City...

Our favorite Frenchman, Mr. Pascal Arbez a.k.a. Vitalic kicks off his first ever North American tour tonight at Avavlon in NYC (which will always be Limelight in our hearts.)

Please note it's an early show - as in 8pm-12am! Support DJs include Kim Ann Foxman, Cowboy Mark and Function, so as soon as you're done reading this, grab a slice and your flask, get on over there and be part of music history. After Limelight... er, Avalon, shoot down to Chinatown for the afterparty at Happy Ending. It's also former Dorkwave guest and all around super-nice and super-talented guy Marcos Cabral's birthday. Jacques Renault and Max Pask are also playing. (Max Pask you probably know from that amazing Soulwax remix I play all the damn time.) Party like a rockstar on a school night, call in sick Friday, then get your energy up for Ellen Allien Saturday at Avalon. Yes, Lisa and Mark are trying to kill you.

Vitalic will be playing at the The Mod Club in Toronto Friday night, then packing up Bridgitte and all his synthesizers and heading to Detroit for the remainder of the weekend. Pre-sale tickets for the show at Oslo on Saturday are exclusively available from Record Time in Ferndale, MI.

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