Monday, March 06, 2006

Nice review of Vitalic's OK Cowboy LP from the Purdue University newspaper...

"If techno is the music of the future, then this is the music for its gritty underbelly, the one in which rocket bike gangs cruise through the skyway on their way to the zero-gravity dance floor."

Mr. Arbez starts his first ever US tour this month, and we couldn't be more giddy here at the Lab. Vitalic live dates as follows:

03/16 New York, NY - Avalon
03/17 Toronto, Ontario - The Mod Club
03/18 Detroit, MI - Oslo
03/22 Philadelphia, PA - Fluid
03/23 San Francisco, CA - Boca
03/24 Chicago, IL - Smart Bar
03/25 Miami, FL - Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel (M3 Music Conf.)
03/26 Miami, FL - Versace Mansion (you read that right.)

+ Vitalic's live John Peel Session from 2004. Listen for covers of The Normal's Warm Leatherette and Crash Course In Science's Cardboard Lamb, as well as a quirky rework of his own la Rock in which I can only imagine he's playing with sock puppets(?)

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