Monday, March 27, 2006

Once upon a time in Detroit, there was nowhere to consistently hear the music we really truly loved, so after a year of honing our anti-format in the back room of Detroit's legendary Untitled nights and random spots in NYC, we got together in the basement of an abandoned skyscraper and threw a party. It was dark, dank and kinda smelled funny, but the oddest assortment of freaks and geeks crawled out of the woodwork to dance to a mash-up of long forgotten post-punk gems, offbeat nu-electro, then still burgeoning neo-dance-rock, and whatever else we decided to throw down. There were apparently more like-minded outcasts than we could ever imagine, and within a few months we had moved to slightly less ghettofabulous digs, and to equal parts joy and utter bemusement, the party was drawing lines around the block. This Saturday night Dorkwave and friends celebrate the second anniversary of the grand experiment called Les Infants Terribles.

To punctuate the occasion, we are extremely pleased and flattered to be listed among URB Magazine's Next 100:

"Half of the six members of Dorkwave weren't even DJs before the crew started - born from a sort of spazmatic dance-off contest held at DJ-promoter Jonnie O's Untitled techno night. The techno is still present, but buried in electro, pop, industrial, and tunes that could really just be described as... Dorkwave."

The April issue of URB is on news stands now.
[Photo by Bethany Shorb]

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