Monday, July 24, 2006

Brainwaves Festival: three days of music and film celebrating 10 years of at the Regents Theatre in Arlington MA, November 17/18/19.

Brainwashed opened its doors on April 16, 1996, to host the websites for Meat Beat Manifesto and Greater Than One. Soon, Brainwashed had accumulated websites for bands Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, Current 93, Death In June, The Legendary Pink Dots, Nurse With Wound, Organum, and Throbbing Gristle, because these websites existed but were hosted at colleges and universities, where the webmasters of these websites were graduating and moving on, either losing their space or simply not updating the websites any longer. The premise remained: provide as much information as possible for these artists including compltete discographies, image archives, and the latest news available. In 1997, Brainwashed expanded to begin hosting websites for newer artists like Bowery Electric, Labradford, Tortoise, and Trans Am, and record labels including Kranky, Thrill Jockey, and World Serpent.

Brainwashed went on to establish a radio program, magazine, weekly video feature and record label in recent years, and is currently incorporating as a nonporfit organization. The Brainwaves Festival celebrates a decade of the Brainwashed community, with an impressive list of artists far too lengthy to post here - clicky for all the details. (I'm thinking road trip...)

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