Thursday, July 27, 2006

Next Tuesday I leave for BlackHat/DEFCON 14 in Las Vegas, the largest 'computer security conference' (read: hacker party) in the world. Come say hi to the nerd wearing all black with long hair. Oh, wait - that might not work.

Immediately upon my return, I'm hopping another flight to NYC; This time it's one-way. I'm leaving Detroit forever.


My going away party is tomorrow (Friday) at The Works ("Always a bad idea"). $5, 10-4, Michigan Ave at Rosa Parks, etc. I'm playing, along with Darkcube and some other cool cats.

Coincidentally enough, tomorrow is also Sysadmin Day, a day dedicated to the systems and network admins that make your life tick. Show some love to the nerds this Friday. I may even have some datavibe stickers available at the bar, if I can find the few that are left.


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