Thursday, July 20, 2006

Welcome our newest Burnlabber, Devan of C-TRL labs!

As well as participating in Machines that Feel, C-TRL is doing a live video performance in NYC next Tuesday called Roomiks Cube, with audio artist Zachary Mastoon a.k.a. Caural.

Roomiks Cube is a multichannel A/V performance, part of the ongoing MUX A/V series. This rare event is a collaborative effort between live video performance artists C-TRL Labs and NY based electronic composer Caural. Specially tailored to Monkey Town's minimalist cubic interior, C-TRL will utilize motion graphics, 3D and realtime software (Modul8 and Max/MSP Jitter) to create an environmental extension to the existing architectural space. Caural sets the tone w/ flowing abstract compositions in a rich sonic space. The audience will be immersed in a whirl of architectural landscapes and organic forms in both performers playfull experimental styles.

Tues July 25th 8:30 PM (One screening only)
MonkeyTown, Brooklyn
58 N. 3rd St. @ Kent
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

P.S.: reminder to all B'labbers (Grant especially!) please, please, please keep Lab Report images to 360 pixel maximum width. As anyone viewing this page on a laptop knows, the big images make the page layout uber-wonky. Thanks!

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