Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A very happy birthday to Dorkwavers Mark Lazar [today] and Rob Theakston [tomorrow]! Hunter S. Thompson said this of Oscar Zeta Acosta, and it made me think of both:

"[He] was one of Gods own prototypes - a high-powered mutant of some kind who was never even considered for mass production. He was too weird to live and too rare to die..."

Speaking of...

LES INFANTS TERRIBLES prasentieren Die Piraten des Furstentum Liechtenstein mit der DORKWAVE Tonanlage: this Saturday at Corktown Tavern!

"Because our German is even worse than our French."

I've been so busy with other things and out of the loop on Dorkwave the past few months, I'm not even sure what to expect - but that is part of the beauty.

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