Friday, July 14, 2006

I may be behind the times as a non-dj, but i just stumbled upon The Dark Side of The Spoon, a recently released track Alexander Robotnick did in -get this after you listen to it- 1982...1982 for god's sake. For Detroiters, this was the man responsible for the song WJLB used for it's "Strong Songs" ads in the 80"s, "Problemes d'amour"...The question lingers after listening: why isn't this man reguarded as a genious? This song absolutely destroys most of what is coming out today (Metro Area?) and it was recorded 24 f'ng years ago. Next question: if someone like this slipped thru the cracks then, who out there now is doing tracks that will sound this fresh in 20 odd years? And is that possible? Robotnick could be the father of minimal..without anyone knowing, even him. If anyone released this track today he would be hailed a superstar, and it's 24 years old. end of sermon (sorry)

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