Thursday, September 28, 2006

On the subject of horror-punk, proto-goth, black-lipstick-surf-punk, whatever you want to call it... here are a few classic gems:

The Damned performing Jet Boy Jet Girl in SF, 1979 (NSFW)
The Damned performing Plan 9 Channel 7 at Whiskey A Go Go in 1982
The Cramps performing at the Napa State Mental Hospital
Alien Sex Fiend performing I Walk The Line at Coney Island High
The Misfits performing Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight in Detroit, 1983

And the piece de resistance:
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY performing Sonny's Burning at The Hacienda in 1983!
"Hands up, who wants to dieee?!"
Dethlab played this at the Magic Stick last summer at T.Raumschmiere's personal request. It was a moment, to say the very least!

+ bonus just for Bethany: Grimly Fiendish music video (please note, the video is so amazingly mid-80's cheesy, it may ruin for you what is probably the best gawth song evah.) Bad video aside, I think this is still going to be our wedding song...

Unfortunatley I couldn't find a clip of The Exploited performing Horror Epics live. If anyone has it, please send it along. I'm obsessed right now.

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