Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Horrors have a brand new video for Count In Fives, which so happens to be my favorite track of theirs. You can watch a 30-second clip MySpace, or stream the entire thing here (registration required.)

The current horror-punk revival is [to me] the most exciting thing in music since electro-punk ripped a hole through the banality of commercialized electronica and the declining club scene of the late 90s and early 00s. Aside from both being re-tuned and revved-up takes on subcultures that first occurred roughly around 1980, I would consider both movements rather than simply genres or musical trends. Being born from the halls of art schools, both come with a level of craftsmanship, a very deliberate and designed attitude and style, and perhaps most importantly a cheekiness and sense for humor and theatrics. There is also a fine balance between anti-establishment attitude and mass accessibility. Not to suggest that any of this is unauthentic. On the contrary, the artists behind such movements are indeed smart and thorough, but have a wide-eyed optimism and purity of conviction which is neither powered by or jaded by greed. This combination of intelligence, craft, and the pellucid enthusiasm of youth is a beautiful thing.

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