Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Has it been a year already?

Sex & Sedition VIII: One Year Anniversay Party
Friday September 29th, 2006
OSLO: 1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit
10pm | 18+ | $5

LOWFISH live! [Suction, Satamile, Hymen, Clone, Ersatz Audio, Ghostly]
with residents DETHLAB:
Bethany Shorb [Toybreaker, Cyberoptix]
Michael Doyle [Burnlab, Dorkwave]
+ friends

Dethlab's Sex and Sedition residency at Oslo has become synonymous with the very best of new dark electronic music: from the first North American appearances of international live artists Vitalic and Motor, to dj sets from favorites such as Kill Memory Crash and Solvent. Celebrate the first anniversary of Sex & Sedition with Suction label co-founder Lowfish, who recently released a new 12" on NY/SF electro label Satamile, and is currently completing his fifth full-length.

Lowfish is perhaps one of Canada's most prominent electro producers, yet something of a genre melding oddity. His clinical and critical production of tracks are very "new school", yet built from the DNA of early new wave and IDM. The weapons of choice are what they have been from the start: semi-operational analog synthesizers, temperamental drum machines and scratchy recording gear. The name Lowfish came from those weapons of choice and the result, being a production aesthetic that is lo-fi "ish" - Lowfish.

Lowfish has released 4 full-lengths and a stack of singles on labels including Suction Records, Ersatz Audio, Vynalogica/Clone, City Centre Offices and Satamile, with scores of remixes and compilations appearances for respected organizations around the globe including Morr Music, Ghostly International, Turbo Recordings, and even the National Film Board of Canada.

Live? Lowfish has turned out to be a dancefloor menace, with his awe-inspiring mix of modern electro and industrial-strength robo-disco (aka his own brand of precision drum machine electro pop) to the acclaim of audiences across Europe and North America.

This past year Lowfish recoiled into his studio in order to prepare his new material (leaving only to play select dates). Efforts will commence this February with Persuasive Science, a catchy and punishing 12" on Satamile, and a mini-EP on Hymen - Travel Sickness.

This will be Lowfish's first live performance in Detroit since 2002, and is one of a select handful of international shows to preview his new LP - not be missed!

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