Friday, September 01, 2006

Nobody does electropunk quite like the French (and French-speaking Belgium.)
They did "invent it" afterall.

A few bands that have knocked my robot socks off lately, in their own words:

"KAP BAMBINO try to exist in the fringe of the actual French musical movement, like some no-futur bastards, totally devoted to non-stop amazing performance. They can perform all their live shows as if they play with their own lives. On stage, the KAP BAMBINO impressive turmoil has an identity of its own..."

"Born end 2002 after a digital encounter between Yeti Popstar and Lizzie Stardust, VELVET UNDERWEAR started as a classic electro-pop band but their big no-fi tendencies quickly brought them to make more noisy stuff..."

"BLACKSKIRT is the logical evolution of all that sounds... more dance floor but by the way more Rock too, tittles with electric/accoustic guitar and voices are in work. Take care of what will be uploaded next..."

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