Monday, December 11, 2006

Ghostly International and Cyberoptix have teamed up to present the it gift of the season: limited edition hand-screened Ghostly ties in three fabulous flavors available only at Cyberoptix Tie Lab and Buy Ghostly.

If that's not dandy enough for you, (Pas/Cal take note!) Cyberoptix has brand new silk ascots exclusively from the Cyberoptix store and Los Angeles purveyors of awesomeness All Purpose. (Check the All Purpose Blog for lots of awesome.)

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Speaking of Pas/Cal, RUN out and buy their new EP Dear Sir, featuring Little Red Radio, which earned a top five spot on Burnlab's favorite singles of 2006 and is one of the tightest pop songs I have ever laid ears on. Be it at the deft hands of Mr. Richard Panic or the creepy claws of The Horrors' Spider Webb, the electric organ is hands down instrument of the year.

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