Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We are alas back from NYC (kicking and screaming) to cold, cold Michigan. The stars have been excessively cruel and schizophrenic of late, but I'm happy to report that this past Friday's Guggenheim show was a tremendous success. Sadly Telefon Tel Aviv was grounded in Chicago by winter storms, but luckily our good friend Ryan Elliott was in NYC and filled in like a total pro at the last minute. Despite severe nervousness at the start of the night, I think Friday was the very best set Bethany and I have ever played as Dethlab. Comically fucking up mixes has been a trademark since the days of proto-dorkwave, but there was none of that on Friday. OMG, we actually mixed!?! It is ambitious trying to throw together punk, goth, rock, techno, industrial, garage, pop and electro in a blender - an self-defeatingly difficult style at times - but we gladly bring it on ourselves because we can't stand one sound for more than couple minutes. It was flattering to receive compliments form the East Coast Goth Royalty for playing the Cranes and ADULT., as well as the fist pumping to the likes of Tiefschwarz and Justice. It was also great to slip in Ghostly favorites from Sami Koivikko and Kill Memory Crash our Austrian friends Collapsing New People, Office side project E-Snacks and Bethany's recent track MIR, to very enthusiastic response.

I can't go on enough what an honor it was play at the Gugg, and how much fun we had. There was a lot of dancing... even some outside the DJ booth! ;) Huge THANK YOU to Flavorpill and everyone involved in organizing the event. If there is anything at all I'd like to say is that dance music should always be as fun as what you listen to at home, dancing in your living room in your underwear, completely sober.

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