Thursday, December 07, 2006

This was somehow inevitable: an 8-bit cover of In the Air Tonight.
[Thanks Maxx!]

Speaking of 8-bit, this past Saturday night we received a call from a cowboy around 9:30 PM...
Mark: "Dudes, you have to get down here! I'm raving!"
Bethany: "What?"
Mark: "I'm at a rave. Get down to Nassau Street right away!"

Not having any idea what we're getting into, we cab it down to the financial district and walk into what can only be described as a cross between a Tokyo video arcade and a breakcore party. Covox is jumping around on stage in front of a massive Versa TILE wall, crunching frantic electro-pop out of a Game Boy and distortion pedals. Girls in chunky glasses and boys with scruffy faces bob along with the sort of pure glee you only see at a They Might Be Giants show. It is the Blip Festival - four days of music, multimedia, film and workshops dedicated to 8-bit culture. If we had done any research before heading off to NY we would have known this, but it was so much better to walk in unprepared. Minutes later we run into Devan Simunovich of C-TRL Labs, who is doing live video during Nullsleep's set later in the night. Despite still being tired from staying out way past our bed time the night before, it was a very happy accident to be there and great to see such an ambitious project come off so successfully.

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