Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If you hadn't noticed, I've been making an effort in recent months to write posts of more editorial substance - in addition to the usual one-liners, personal banter and interesting links. I'm not sure if something triggered nostalgia for my days as editor and publisher of my high school newspaper, or if it's a little voice saying "you're going to be 35 in a couple weeks - get serious!" Either way, I hope the longer, more opinionated posts lean more toward the interesting than the tedious for you.

I've also scaled back on using this blog as a "what's happening" list. I've become less interested in the ephemeral nature of nightlife since the end of summer, and have decided to leave most event postings in the more able and tuned-in hands of Burnlab's thirty other contributors. [Servito, Jon, Liz, Lynnel, etc., this means you!]

On the subject of nightlife, It saddens me to write that Oslo [the one in Detroit] has closed. It may re-open in 2007, but all events scheduled through 2006 [including Dethlab's ninth installment of Sex & Sedition] have been cancelled. Oslo was the very best venue in Detroit for electronic music, bar none. It is a great loss to the community, and I hope dearly they can sort everything out. Meanwhile, Bethany and I have shifted focus from DJ'ing to remixing and recording original material. Santa brought me a beautiful Fender bass guitar for Christmas, which I'm going to need to learn how to play. The last guitar I touched was a six string Les Paul at the age of sixteen, but math dictates this is going to be 33% easier to figure out. Right?...

In other Dethlab news, our next scheduled event in Detroit is Machines That Feel II on April 14th. More details as it fleshes out.

Best wishes and happy holidays from everyone at Burnlab.

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