Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cyberoptix Tie Lab featured in Make Magazine's Father's Day Gift Guide and Style.Italia, including the most awesome endorsement yet... the Babelfish translation is priceless:

"One Decadent necktie Symbol of by now decadent the male elegance and feticcio, the necktie distinguishes the man, like decolette the woman. As well as while I adore sfoggiar it like a civetta vain, but aime little, us one is evoluti, on a such one I ornament from fair of the vanity. Only Dior Homme had had the courage to dare and today, to how much it seems, we are liete of giving to the welcome to one its new adept person. The artist Bethany Shorb who is last, from the photography to the music reinvention, the fashion grafic designe, has decided to put its creativity to service of the necktie, being created a totally new and irriverente object. Strizzando the eye to the past, creates with materials and grafismi vintage, pieces feticcio from the attractive prices (approximately 40dollari). I have chosen the necktie, inspired to the icona, Antoinette Maria. Null more he is appropriated for like me, that "he has lost the head" for the necktie. Decadent kisses to all!"

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