Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MOTOR in Real Detroit Weekly (scroll to Electrophile)

"Prepare yourself for grinding gear electronics as Motor takes over C.A.I.D. this Saturday. Motor, Bryan Black and Mr. No, is gnarz - a hybrid of techno and punk at its finest. Is it punk or techno? Who cares, it's awesome!"
-Jean Johnson

Speaking of gnarz, the prince of Gnarzania himself (yes, Gnarzania is a real place with a real prince,) Marco Haas has resurrected his post-hardcore/pre-T.Raumschmiere project SHRUBBN!! Look for a new release later this year on Haas' Shitkatapult label.

MOTOR and Haas have collaborated many times since the inclusion of Din 10 on the 2004 Shitkatapult compilation Special Musick For Special People, including Krank Im Hirn (a post-industrial cover or Insane in the Brain,) two remixes for T.Raumschmiere's 2005 hit single Sick Like Me and a remix for Haas' most recent hardcore punk band The Crack Whore Society.

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