Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A week from Saturday, Dethlab proudly presents:


MOTOR [live]
GOUDRON [live]
DETRONIK [multimedia]

Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit MI
Saturday, June 16 | 10:00 PM | $10

"People have this tame image of live electronic music and we go out there and smash things up and spit in your face," states Bryan Black. For the man who used to programme Prince's keyboards as an in house technician at Paisley Park Studios in the 90s [and founding member of H3LLB3NT, Haloblack and XLover] knowingly confirms, "we make more noise than a guitar can make and that's what we enjoy doing." Whilst electronic live acts have merged further into the anonymity of the DJ booth over recent years, MOTOR guzzle petrol, bellow toxic fumes and roar from the stage as all three band members wrestle with vocal duties and (alter) egos over their instruments. Forging live gig energy into the sonic envelope of a club environment has enabled MOTOR to play live 'gig' tours with Nitzer Ebb across America and Europe as well as landmark club venues such as Frankfurt's Cocoon and Paris's Rex and festivals throughout Europe like Pukkelpop and Lowlands. - Mute
Motor's new LP Unhuman out now.

Goudron is a modern craftsman of synthesis, structure and song. His music seems choreographed to a film, breaking down, starting up, fluctuating and adhering to rules that make his music sound like no other. His unique 'sound' comes in part from the fact that he modifies a lot of his gear himself; it also comes in part from the fact that he knows his machines inside and out. Watching him live, he masterfully manipulates analog synths without schematics - an amazing skill to those that truly know vintage analog gear. - Ersatz Audio

Detroit musician and visual artist Ron Zakrin [a.k.a. Goudron] shows that he is truly the King of the synth riffs, with music that is wholly synthetic, yet with all the energy of pure Detroit rock... From the music to the art on the sleeves it is all hand made. Ron is like Buckminster Fuller trapped inside the body of a character from SE Hinton's Over the Edge. Raw power. - I.T.

Goudron's new EP Stiletto out now.

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