Thursday, February 05, 2009

All Hail the Prince of Darkness

Alexander McQueen stole the show in Milan with his Fall '09 men's collection.
We'd expect no less.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2009
[Hey, is that Warren Ellis up front?]


In naming his latest show "The McQueensberry Rules," Alexander McQueen elided his own name and that of the nineteenth-century aristocrat whose title became synonymous with fair play in the boxing ring. And that set the tone for a parade of glowering tough cookies who looked like they'd stepped straight out of Gangs of New York. Kohl-eyed, clutching their silver-topped canes like cudgels, they stormed down the catwalk in tailored finery. It was a typical McQueen scenario: immaculately realized garments underpinned by a hint of horror movie (a leather butcher's apron transmogrified into Rollerball rig) and the promise of rough sex (muscles that stopped at nothing, for no one)...

Alexander McQueen F/W 2009
[I suppose the leather butcher's apron is to keep the blood off your finery whilst you're smashing some poor bastard's skull in with your silver-tipped cane one rainy night on Crosby Street.]

We'll take one of everything, please.

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lightning in a bottle said...

imagine if all men wore this collection. drool.