Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mt. Sims "Grave"

Berlin via LA musician/performance artist Matt Sims released his third Mt. Sims LP Happily Ever After a few months ago on Hungry Eye Records. "Mount" has officially been changed to "Mt." and he now performs as part of a full-time three piece band.

Moving into even darker territory than first flirted with on 2004's Wild Light, the anxiety-laden Gothic/no-wave sound of Happily Ever After couldn't be further from the high-gloss, over-the-top electro-sleaze of his Ultrasex concept album - showing Sims to be a versatile and unpredictable artist. Contributors to the new album include Thomas Stern of Crime and the City Solution and Bryan Black of MOTOR.

Our old friend Echo Danon and Bart Grieb directed the video for the first single Grave, in which Matt seems to be channeling a young Andrew Eldritch! [Warning: the song may get stuck in your head for days.]

Mt. Sims - Grave [2009]

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