Thursday, February 05, 2009

Paul D. Miller, American Futurist in Milano

PDM 500px

[images via Bruno Argento]

What we have here is a huge sculpture by architect Italo Rota entitled Toy Building N.1, DJ Spooky and recreations of Luigi Russolo's Intonarumori, and it's all part of the centennial celebration of the Founding Manifesto of Futurism and the Made Expo going on right now in Milan. says:

TOY BUILDING N.1 was unveiled at 6:30pm on February 3rd in the Piazza Duomo. The sculpture was created by Italo Rota and was coordinated by the Made Expo in collaboration with the Comune di Milano - Assessorato alla Cultura, as well as Federlegno-Arredo and Uncsaal, on the occasion of the centennial of the Founding Manifesto of Futurism. The piece should remain in situ for the exhibtion at the Palazzo Real in June.

Rota was himself inspired by Giacomo Balla’s work from 1915: “Linee di forza del pugno di Boccioni”, as well as other tenants of the Futurist movement. The event was complimented by the sound created by the American artist DJ Spooky, who was inspired by the intonarumori of Luigi Russolo.

Translating from an article, the installation “is an ephemeral building, a large sculpture that when come upon - due to a play of materials, similar colors and mirrored surfaces - symbolically reflects the future of Milan, which may be seen in the new images broken and recomposed continuously, like a big toy theater of the new millennium.”

Ms. Toybreaker and I will be in Milano in two weeks and are very much looking forward to seeing the installation!

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