Monday, February 02, 2009

New Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax

Mechanical music maker Thomas Truax has a new single out tomorrow, incidentally on the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly's and Joe Meek's death.

Joe Meek was a fascinating and tragic character, an innovative
London-based hit record producer and one of the first to set up a
genuine home studio. He was an occult enthusiast and participated in
biweekly seances. At one of these he reputedly received a message
predicting the date of his hero Buddy Holly's death: February 3, 1958.

Panicked Meek actively sought out Buddy, and personally delivered a note
to him backstage when Buddy was on tour in the UK. Holly thanked him
politely, and later even laughed about the meeting/warning in a
post-tour interview well after February 3 had passed uneventfully.
However, exactly one year later, the date proved to be tragically

The music video by director Andrew Werner was shot through a big Zoetrope - the irregular flickering effect compliments Truax's warbling machine music wonderfully.

Thomas Truax - Joe Meek Warns Buddy Holly [2009]

Also see Thomas interviewed in the debut issue of Steampunk Magazine a couple years back.

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Rosie said...

Cannot wait to see this guy's instruments live in action this month. He's doing a David Lynch tribute playing songs from his album in Glasgow. Should be a good one.