Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Currently loving DiscError Recordings.

NME pretty much killed "nu rave" on arrival [and thank goodness] by naming it such. I hope they don't label this gang of bitcrushed drum machine wielding baby-faced East End hooligans "nu industrial" or something similar. I'd like to see them around for a good long time.

This track builds to a hypnotic stormer. Something like The Revolting Cocks meets A Place to Bury Strangers meets Killing Joke...

Micron 63 - Anatomy of No Escape [2008, live]

I think I posted this clip last year. Intense like Suicide, and the lyrics are great.
"Now I got blood in my throat, blood in my throat, blood in my throat..."

ULTERIOR - The Death of Everything [2007]

Also see S.I.N.S for some really cool experimental disco. [Couldn't find a video.] Too eclectic and inventive to be simply "electro house".

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