Friday, October 17, 2003

Today Apple released iTunes for Windows XP and 2000. I don't know what will make Microsoft more crazy: that millions of PC users will [many for the first time ever] experience a user interface that makes sense, or that Apple is giving it away for free.

Our friend and Red Antenna cofounder Candy Chang is set to release a new 12" entitled Typography next week. Further proof that design and synthesizers are a tasty combination.

"Firecely polished electro with rocked-out soul. Thick driving percussion, lowriding vintage bass for boomin' systems, and sparkling analogue keyboard lines conjure sharp modernist grids, colorful scenes from tomorrow's discotheques, robots with dirty minds, and half-forgotten night-drives through Babylon. Candy Chang is remarkably able to glance back at Prince and Cybotron, while keeping her designer's eye fixed on a new style and sound all her own."

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