Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A slice of New York to brighten my California afternoon: East Village Radio. Untitled flyer model, Make Out Club founder and big time heartbreaker Gibby Miller is DJ'ing live right now (until 6pm e.s.t.) Tune in and create a path of destruction.

Just call Tuesdays Gibby Day in New York. In addition to his weekly slot on EVR, make your way down to DAMAGED at the Leopard Lounge (2nd Ave. and 5th St.) every Tuesday night where Gibson and friends spin a fine selection of industrial, new wave and Brit-pop... a little something we lovingly call 'Dorkwave' in Detroit.

Speaking of the east coast of the midwest, Tuesdays are owned by Jimmy Edgar's Weekly Agenda at Panacea. Tonight the Warp wunderkid shares the turntables with Todd Osborn, Traktion and our very own Rob Theakston and Mike Servito. "Tuesdays is fun."

I'll be making bubble diagrams, managing disgruntled designers and writing some marketing babble here in LA, so you all can go out and have fun.

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