Tuesday, October 14, 2003

It's cold and rainy here in Detroit (yes, I was in New York yesterday, and LA two days before that. That's what I do. No more questions.) ...but East Village Radio is keeping us warm and doing an awkward little power stance robot twitch, kind of like the bass player from Interpol in that video. It's Tuesday, which means our man Gibby is playing cool records and talking about cool records and playing some more cool records from 4 to 6pm (e.s.t.) Also, a very special guest appearance on EVR by Dan Selzer from midnight on. Dan writes such great messages, heres' the whole dang thing:

I am going to be on radio for the first time since 1997 tuesday night at midnight. I am filling in for someone on East Village Radio, NYC's latest micro-broadcasting phenomenon. It can be heard at 88.1 fm if you're standing within 10 feet of the station, or go to www.eastvillageradio.com and you can hear a live stream. I am following up 2 guys who play "punk and/or hardcore." I am going to play the best music you've ever heard. Rumor has it that all bars in the lower east side have fired all their DJ's and sold all their jukeboxes and all they plan on doing is tuning into my radio show tuesday night at midnight and broadcasting it. Likewise, all people driving cars will be tuning in, as well as joggers with those goofy antenna radio headbands. This way the entire city will hear me DJ new wave house, post-punk funk, electro-funk breaker jams and other sounds that move both the feet and heart. The entire population of lower manhattan then can seamlessly move from bar to bar, from apt to apt, from car to curb and never miss a beat, and thoroughly synchronize their life, and love to the beat of the show. And we can dance. And if, due to cabaret laws, you can't dance in the bars, you may as well stay home, tune in online or on your fm dial, and dance the night away. Actually, maybe I won't play dance music. Tune and and see. Hear. Feel. DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE TO THE RADIO

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