Friday, October 24, 2003

It seems like Detroit is pulling out all the stops to keep me from going home to Brooklyn next week. This weekend Motown boasts an incredible selection of strange and beautiful thing to see, do and hear.

Tonight at the Cranbrook Academy of Art enjoy DJ Andre Roystein in the galleries beginning at 6PM, and at 7PM preview a screening of short videos organized by [Flak]Detroit, "a cultural forum of creative people." While you're there, be sure to check out the current exhibition by architecture department chair Peter Lynch.

Also tonight, The Gotan Project at the Majestic Theater, and Liz Copeland and Clark Warner present Stylus at Buddha Lounge [8 Mile and Lahser Rd.] Stylus will be a bit late, as Liz is also DJ'ing at the aforementioned Gotan show.

To add to the rather unusual long list of excellent choices Friday night, master of robots and synthesizers Legowelt heads up the Bunker Team at Detroit Art Space. 9pm-3am, info here.

Saturday evening, enter Theatre Bizarre: performance art, live bands, and all kind of hedonism at this annual freak show/haunted house/mega-halloween party. As Jaron says, "It's the only haunted house that will actually make you question whether you'll get out alive." (And that's just the sketchy neighborhood.) More info here.

Also Saturday (of course) Detroit welcomes home its favorite vodka drinking Polack and international superstar DJ, the unstopable Magda, as well as multifaceted musical genius Tadd Mullinix (aka Dabrye) to Untitled. No costumes or schticks this week - just great music and great people. Okay, okay, it is a homecoming theme party. Tuxes and elbow gloves optional.

On the art tip, check out Japanese popster Yumiko Kayukawa at CPop before the show closes Oct. 28th.

Finally, Detroit is among several cities way off the usual tourist maps profiled in "Party People", from the New York Post. Untitled gets a favorable mention as the place to hear "the new sounds of Detroit techno", but this quote is just too good: "Thursdays, drive to Ann Arbor to hit Necto�s �Lust� party on two dance floors, hosted by Jon Ozias, the KINGPIN of the Motor City�s underground techno scene."

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