Friday, October 17, 2003

Enjoy the photography of Lucas Zarebinski.

Extraordinary built works form Atlanta based Mark Scogian Merrill Elam Architects. This is where my buddy Helen works. You may have seen their brilliant little Mountain Tree House in the April issue of Arch. Record.

UNTITLED remains on a roll of recklessness and high quality shenanigans. This Saturday features Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito in the main room, two of Detroit's best and most underrated DJs, plus total chaos in the back room with Dorkwave vs. Sasspunk: myself, Rob Theakston, Allen Goodman, Robert Gorell and Sam Valenti IV battle Jon O and Mistress Delia with an always unpredictable selection of music that would get us called "freaks", "fags" or "squids" in the days of youth. This Saturday's dress code/fetish is uniforms. Take that any way you like, but management would like to emphasize the word "kinky". As always, Untitled Saturdays at The Shelter, 431 E. Congress, Detroit. "It's good to be Untitled."

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