Friday, August 12, 2005

Back from 48 hours of excellent art, architecture, food and music in Boston. My better half has a few pics from the new ICA Boston, and of course, the Chemlab show we were so honored to be invited to play at.

You might think not performing live for seven years would make one a bit rusty, but Jared Louche and the current incarnation of the band was on full-power start to finish, tight as the tolerances on a Mercedes Benz, and the set list was dead perfect, ending with Summer of Hate, and an encore that included a cover of Science Fiction Double Feature from Rocky Horror. We were also thoroughly impressed by Scrap EDX a.k.a. Joshua Colella, whose machine music is refreshingly infectious, based on rich layers of mechanical sounds, stripped down, relentless rhythms, and solid compositions, more akin to Terrence Fixmer and early Probe releases than the all too common practice of trying to sound hard by playing breakbeats at ungodly BPMs.

Huge thanks to Bobby and Ellen for the generous hospitality, and to Jared for just being so awesome. For all the Boston kids who requested a set list, we'll post it on the Dethlab site soon.

Oh, one last note: our biggest score of the trip was a roll of skull tape from the Marc Jacobs store for a mere five bucks. Everything is going to be covered in black tape with fashionable little skulls on it! Yay skulls!!!

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