Friday, August 05, 2005

From obscure, blood soaked side project to what promises to be Detroit's hottest new night in less than a month's time... but what else could be expected when you put together two of the city's most hyper-productive artists and shameless self-promoters? ;)

Dethlab presents Sex & Sedition, starting Friday, August 26th at Oslo. An evening of dark, sexy, stylish music and theatrics that will push the envelope of both creativity and everything you've been told is right and good in the world.

Sex & Sedition takes place the last Friday of every other month, alternating with Clark Warner's brilliant new Alpha night.

Not that the name and philosophy behind this project really needs to be explained to Burnlab readers, but here is a great article from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that sums up our point of reference quite nicely.

Punk was trash culture gone avant-garde and/or the avant-garde gone trash, and just as Dada had tried to destroy the institution of art, so the punks seemed bent on destroying the very institution of fashion.

What does this mean in the context of the post-everything 21st century? Find out August 26th.

+ don't forget: Dethlab will be in Boston next Wednesday, playing records and twisting knobs at the first live Chemlab performance in seven years. See Angeldustrial for more info.

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